Name:Cara Irene.
Age. 23.
Location: Michigan.
Mom to be.
Simply ordinary.



or smilies.
A smiley guide I made to my mom because she doesn’t understand my smileys (3 first pictures)


“Wire and sea glass bodice, fit for a mermaid or water nymph. By Diana Dias Leao”


Wire and sea glass bodice, fit for a mermaid or water nymph. By Diana Dias Leao”

One of the most painful part of leaving the person you love is that they’ll never come after you.



pumpkin spice candles soon

pumpkin lattes soon

pumpkin everything



My life will once again be complete.


today at work i asked a customer if he wanted french vanilla creamer with his coffee and he said no because he wanted the “heterosexual” creamer instead and it just blows my mind that straight people say shit about how queer people “force our sexuality on them” because i have never met a single queer person who has done something like assign a sexuality to coffee creamer

I love french vanilla creamer. If that makes me gay so be it. Woman are beautiful majestic beings. Also if liking something as dumb as French vanilla creamer is the deciding factor of what my sexual orientation is this world has become such a sad pathetic place. (More so than usual)
And it’s people like the “straight creamer guy” who makes it hard for people to come out because they make gay seem like a bad thing. I know more gay couples who are happier and more faithful then straight people. Make straight marriage illegal. It is fucking up our nations.

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do you have that one person that you can’t look at when your trying to be mad at them because they’re so cute